Why cofounder.nz?

Welcome to New Zealand’s online portal where you could find your co-founder, or find the startup you’ve always imagined being part of. Connect with us and launch your version of New Zealand’s next big startup idea.

We’re doing this, because we are just like you.

Coming up with a great idea is easy, but making a successful startup company is hard. You need the right people at the right time. We know that can be tricky so we have come up with a solution – we’re launching a startup for startups. cofounder.nz is a site that welcomes you to New Zealand’s startup community. We are connecting you to the people you need; people who are interested in working in startups.

We’ve been in the startup ecosystem for a while, and have found a problem. We are hard at work building supportive communities in our local regions of Taranaki and Kapiti. The problem is, while people are connecting and meeting together, startups aren’t rapidly taking off. Many are still missing the final piece to their startup puzzle.

Our solution to this is cofounder.nz. On cofounder.nz you’ll find startups you want to join, or people essential for your startup to launch.
We’re gathering together people in the startup ecosystem, providing a platform for startup supporters and emerging startups to connect.

If you love the idea of joining a startup then list your profile on cofounder.nz. You don’t need to have worked in a startup before. Many successful startups grow from people who have zero experience before they joined. Everyone has unique skills and you might find a startup that is made for you.

If you need sales, design or tech skills for your startup, find them here. If you are committed to an idea and need a co-founder, or two, to help make it happen then list your co-founder needs. People won’t know what you are looking for unless you put it out to the universe and see what happens. If you have IP or secret details then think carefully about how you describe it, but give people an idea about what your startup will do.

Help us to help you. The more people who use our site, and refer others, the more people will connect and the more startups will launch.

About us:
Frank is an IT/business consultant in Taranaki, who came up with the idea for cofounder.nz then built the website after spotting a gap in the market. His startup experience began many years ago in Germany, before relocating to New Zealand. He brought Startup Weekend to Taranaki where he helps manage events in New Plymouth.
Rebecca joined cofounder.nz as another startup enthusiast. She is fascinated by technology and our interactions with it. She is interested in how startups can challenge our thinking and change the world! Rebecca organises and runs local startup community events in Kapiti, including Kapiti Startup Weekend.

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