Public servant by day, and startup enthusiast at any other time.

I am experienced in creating startup events for my local community, and building networks and connections in the startup ecosystem. I have spent the last 6 years working on a startup in the healthcare sector.

I taught myself to code “hello world” in HTML, but much prefer to work on other useful things a startup needs, like filling out forms, booking meetings, writing plans down, and making sure that people are completing the stuff they said they’d do. If you think your startup needs one of “those people” feel free to get in touch.

I also have a professional background in recruiting members for governance and advisory boards.

I'm interested in:

Helping startup companies thrive. I am passionate about innovation-in-action, and this only comes about from people taking their ideas forward and growing great companies. Its a big risk, so these people need cheerleaders, supporters, networks and resources (people's time and money). I am happy to help anyone whose values fit with mine 1. be creative 2. do good 3. be kind to each other 4. work hard 5. get sh*t done.

I'm available:

< 2 h/week

I could contribute:

to be discussed

Startup experience level:

Startup Junkie