Specialist in news media and PR for 15+ years around New Zealand, Dubai and London.

From journalism to growth hacking marketing and PR, I love working with people and telling stories via video, news media and social media.

If you’ve got a good story, I’ll find it and tell it in a way so others will share it, helping it go viral.



Blackland PR

2014 News specialist

Getting stories covered by journalists in news media – tv, radio, newspapers

Fairfax Media

2000-2013 Journalist

Working at national, metropolitan and regional newspapers around the country – Sunday Star Times, Stuff, The Waikato Times, The Southland Times, The Taranaki Daily News.

The Gulf News Group & 7 Days, Dubai

2010-2012 Journalist

Based in Dubai, covering news from around the United Arab Emirates for daily, english-language newspapers.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK

2013-2014 Media Advisor

Getting media coverage of mechanical engineers changing/improving the world through engineering.

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Unique, cool startups that make life better

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< 2 h/week

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