Thumbs Up NZ is a Ride Sharing app for NZ, helping visitors and travelers get around our beautiful country. We’ve published a few months ago and the community is steadily growing, with new rides around the North and South Island being offered. We’re now keen to take a step further and are thinking about expanding the app to other countries.

For these goals we are keen to get a few more people on board.

If you are interested please contact us.

You can download the app here.

About Thumbs Up NZ

Thumbs Up NZ App is a free ride-sharing service connecting drivers and passengers wanting to get around New Zealand, have a good time and share the cost. You can search for available rides on the App, or if you’re a driver offer empty seats, listing the time of leaving and a cost contribution for the trip. This is not a Taxi App – drivers won’t earn money. It simply allows passengers to book a seat then a notification will be sent to the driver. Their contact details are shared after a booking and once a pick-up location is agreed, the road trip begins. Have fun exploring this beautiful country!