About Kapiti Startup and Innovate

We are a group of local startup supporters who are passionate about helping locals succeed with their startup ideas. Many of us have startup experience, and/or are currently working on our own startup project.

Kapiti is a fantastic place to live and play, and we reckon that by getting a thriving startup scene going here we will get successful local companies that make Kapiti an exciting and fun place to work too.

We kicked off our startup community building efforts back in February 2016, and have grown from a handful of people to a network with diverse skills, willing to put them to use for the benefit of startups in Kapiti. We value openness, inclusivity, and opportunity and expect that everyone who connects with us to operate with good intentions.

  • Startup Network Coordinator

    Kapiti Startup and Innovate Supporting the Kapiti Startup community to thrive.
    • Internship
    • 13/07/2017